Stay tuned for our new ASQ+ offering, launching in early 2022!

A new ASQ+ Subscription launching February 2022

While disruptions continue to affect live performacne and touring, the ASQ is adapting its subscription model to bring flexibility to its core.

Rather than subcsribers paying for tickets upfront and being locked into specific, limited concerts throughout the year, you will be able to access, and receive subscriber-priced ticketing and premium seat selection to any ASQ-presented ‘ASQ in Concert’ experience across Australia, throughout the year.

Subscribers will also gain limitless access to streaming platform, ASQ on Demand (set for release at the same time), and other exclusive events and benefits.

Priced accessibly, the ASQ+ Subscription will offer all the benefits existing subscribers enjoy, whilst making the Quartet more available to people who live outside of the capital cities, and to new audiences who want a no-strings-attached subscription with all the benefits.

Remaining adaptive in our new world, we will announce concerts across the country on a rolling-basis, with the mission of offering a broader range of experiences in cities and towns around the country just as much as in previous years.

Our first 2022 concerts in SA, VIC, NSW, ACT, QLD and WA have already been announced, which you can see below.