ASQ Coffee Concerts

Published On: Tue 15 November

Join us for our inaugural morning series at UKARIA Cultural Centre in the beautiful Adelaide Hills in 2017 and enjoy four intimate concerts with Devonshire tea.  Join us for all four ASQ Coffee Concerts and receive 10% discount on individual tickets

ASQ Coffee Concert 1
Friday 16 June 2017, 11am
Haydn String Quartet in B-flat major op 33 no 4
Beethoven String Quartet in C minor op 18 no 4
Bursting on the stage, Haydn’s lively String Quartet in B-flat major op 33 no 4 captures the essence of the composer’s classic wit and invention and will lead you unexpectedly to the dark and intense sound-world of Beethoven’s powerful String Quartet in C minor op 18 no 4.

ASQ Coffee Concert 2
Friday 4 August 2017, 11am
Paul Stanhope String Quartet no 2
Dvořák String Quartet no 13 in G major op 106
Brimming with optimism and self-confidence, this rich program celebrates the adventure of new opportunity and the joy of homecoming. Join the ASQ for an evocative program featuring Dvořák’s G major String Quartet and String Quartet no 2 by Australian composer Paul Stanhope.

ASQ Coffee Concert 3
Friday 10 November 2017, 11am
Bartók String Quartet no 1
Beethoven String Quartet in F major op 59 no 1
Beginning with Bartok’s sumptuous first quartet and concluding with Beethoven’s revolutionary String Quartet in F major op 59 no 1 – traverse musical time with the ASQ in a program that encompasses classical grandeur and intense romanticism at the dawn of the 20th century.

ASQ Coffee Concert 4
Friday 8 December 2017, 11am
Shostakovich String Quartet no 1
Britten String Quartet no 1 in D major
Abounding in joie de vivre, Benjamin Britten’s first string quartet sets out to impress in a work that is full of confidence and originality. Set alongside the romantic nostalgia of Shostakovich’s first string quartet, join the ASQ for an exuberant finale to its 2017 concert season.

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