Student? Get a Free ASQ+ Subscription

Published On: Mon 18 February

Our ASQ+ Subscribers are an incredibly generous lot

As part of our 2019 subscription process, we asked if people would like to pay-it-forward and donate an ASQ+ Subscription to a full-time student.

An overwhelming number of them did.

We are now in the process of distributing over 50 ASQ+ Subscriptions to full-time students all around the country.

We have kept 20 Subscriptions to gift via this blog post. If you are a student and would like to go in the running to receive one, please email of a copy of your current and valid full-time student identification card to before 5pm Tuesday 19 February 2019.

The first 20 emails received by the ASQ will receive instructions on how to become the beneficiary of an ASQ+ Student Subscription.

A special, heartfelt thanks to our wonderful ASQ+ Subscribers, who are just as passionate as we are about championing music for generations to come.

ASQ-Gift-Subscriptions-Australian-String-Quartet 2