‘Switching Off’ for an Intimate Earth Hour Gig

Published On: Thu 15 March

To celebrate Earth Hour 2018, we’re teaming up with our friends from the South Australian Museum institutions to help aid the plight of the mother planet by co-presenting an environmentally low-impact evening of high-impact music. With guidance from Carbon Neutral Adelaide, we’ve put together a list of guidelines for the event which includes cutting out all non-essential electricity, a paperless marketing and operations strategy, paperless entry, sustainable catering, and zero-emissions transport to-and-from the venue.

Close Quarters: Earth Hour will take place during Earth Hour where the South Australian Museum, along with over 6 million fellow Australians, will turn off their lights as a symbol of support to protect our planet for future generations.

Launched by World Wildlife Fund-Australia in 2007, Earth Hour has become the world’s biggest grassroots environmental movement where landmarks and communities switch off their lights to show their support for a brighter future for the planet. Now celebrated in over 170 countries, 7,000 cities, with roughly 1 in 4 Australians taking part, Earth Hour has one mission: to unite people to show they care about our planet’s future.

Close Quarters: Earth Hour is part of our mission to break down the barriers of classical music, presenting music new and old in casual, intimate settings, at prices comparable to a night at the movies. The concerts, 60 minutes in length, provide the flexibility for music-lovers of all kinds to include an exquisite music experience into their nightly activities.

“Bringing people together to listen to music without the need for electricity is a fun way to celebrate our Earth, in the ideal surroundings of the South Australian Museum. What better way to pass the time in the dark than to make use of your heightened senses?” Stephen King – viola.

“The music that we play is one of the few artforms that doesn’t require power to make a wonderful sound. The string quartet often sounds best in a smaller space, which is why we enjoy performing in Close Quarters venues so much.” Sharon Grigoryan – cello.

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