Together We Resonate

Published On: Tue 28 June

As Australia’s string quartet, we aspire to resonate with the community by engaging people at the heart and nurturing opportunities to champion the sounds of Australia.

With your support we create opportunities for meaningful engagement with people of all ages by breaking down barriers, broadening our channels for connection, deepening our commitment to regional engagement and delivering compelling programs which challenge and inspire.

As champions of Australian music, we strive to ensure that music remains a vital and evolving part of Australian culture by growing the profile of Australian music, investing in the next generation of Australian music makers, celebrating our Australian musicians and composers and fostering opportunities for international cultural exchange.

Our heartfelt thanks and appreciation to all of our friends who have so very generously supported our aspirations for the future with a donation to our 2016 Annual Appeal.

Your support is the bridge to our success.

If you wish to donate to the ASQ through a tax deductible gift, visit or phone 1800 040 444.