UKARIA – Inspiring artists and audiences

Published On: Thu 06 October

On Sunday 25 September, in front of a full house, Ulrike Klein AO unveiled a new name for her Foundation and Cultural Centre – UKARIA.

“Unearthing a new name has been a unique and welcome opportunity to reflect on our rich story and compose a new chapter which truly reflects the breadth of our vision. It also ensures future sustainability for both us, and our neighbours, by eliminating any brand confusion with NGERINGA Vineyards, which sits alongside the Cultural Centre”, said Ulrike Klein AO, Director and Founder of the Klein Family Foundation and UKARIA.

Inspired by her vision and passion for music and nature the name was conceived by Ulrike, Genevieve Lacey, Curator of Ngeringa 24, and Alison Beare while they were in Austria attending the Lockenhaus chamber music festival. “Inspired by the brilliant musicians we heard every day and night we spent an afternoon dreaming about our future. We googled goddesses, plants and finally trees and then suddenly it appeared hidden within the botanical name for hoop pine Araucaria Cunninghamii. This rich golden wood is used extensively on the inside of the concert hall and plays a vital role in its acoustical performance. It is one of the building’s most distinguishing features and this tree is our reference to nature, growth and renewal. The C became a K to give us Ulrike’s initials as the Foundation is the essence of her life and legacy. Combined with the word Aria we had our new name UKARIA which is the song we send out to sing”, said Alison Beare, Chief Executive Officer, UKARIA.

The Australian String Quartet is privileged to continue its long-standing partnership with UKARIA and proud to play a part of its exciting vision to inspire artists and audiences. We invite you to join us as we launch our inaugural coffee concert series at the UKARIA Cultural Centre in 2017. Full details will be available from 13 November 2016.