ASQ+ Subscriptions



We are thrilled to offer you a refreshed ASQ Subscription in 2022. This flexible approach to subscriptions responds to the new ways in which our music can be enjoyed, whilst ensuring that our subscribers continue to receive the best benefits for attending our live concerts. An ASQ+ Subscription and its benefits are effective for a year from your date of purchase.

Become an ASQ+ Subscriber and enjoy:

  • Unlimited streaming access to On Demand
  • Exclusive pre-sales for ASQ presented performances and events
  • Exclusive ticket prices for ASQ presented performances and events
  • Invitations to ASQ+ Subscriber-only events

We guarantee that as an ASQ+ Subscriber you receive the best pricing on ASQ-presented concerts and events.

ASQ+ Single Subscription—$65
ASQ+ Double Subscription—$95

Note: ASQ+ Subscriptions are setup to be automatically renewed, annually. You will receive an email from ASQ prior to the date of renewal, and you will be able to opt-out of renewal at that time. You may also opt-out of renewal at any time by updating your account details.


When you purchased an ASQ Subscription in previous years, you were effectively pre-purchasing three tickets to scheduled ASQ performances. Due to the changing nature of touring in 2022, and a motivation to build more flexibility into our Subscription offering, there are no tickets immediately attached to your new ASQ+ Subscription.

Once you have purchased your new ASQ+ Subscription, you can immediately access all the benefits listed above (including unlimited streaming), and can purchase tickets to live concerts at reduced ASQ+ Subscriber pricing. 

When you purchase a single subscription, the number of Subscriber-priced tickets you can access per ASQ-presented concerts and event is limited to one. When you purchase a double subscription, you will be able to access two subscriber-priced tickets. 

Note that when a double subscription is purchased, the Primary Subscriber is able to purchase exclusive ASQ+ Subscriber-priced tickets, however, the Secondary Subscriber is not able to access these prices. They do however receive all other listed benefits.

When you purchase a single subscription, you will only be able to access ASQ On Demand content with your login details. When you purchase a double subscription, you will be able to nominate a second email address / login details to have full access. This means that you will be able to gift streaming access to a friend / family member who can stream content independently.

When we invite you to exclusive ASQ+ Subscriber events, when you have a Single ASQ+ Subscription, the invitation will be limited to one person… you. When you have a Double ASQ+ Subscription, you will be able to secure a spot for you and your ‘plus one’.

The best way to gain the maximum benefit of your ASQ+ Subscription is through our regular emails.

We will stay in touch with you through our ASQ+ Subscriber emails campaigns, keeping you information about new content we are releasing online (take note of our Friday Fortnights release schedule) and when we’re adding new concerts around the country.

From time-to-time, we will also invite you to join us for exclusive functions, open rehearsals and other events. This communication will also happen through email.

Once you’ve purchased your ASQ+ Subscription:

  • Visit our ‘What’s On’ list and navigate to the concert you’d like to attend
  • Click ‘Book Now’
  • Sign in using your details (these can be found in the confirmation email you received when you subscribed)
  • Your Subscriber-priced tickets will automatically load when you select tickets.
  • If you purchased a single subscription, you will be able to purchase 1x Subscriber-priced ticket. If you purchased a double subscription, yo uwill be able to purchase 2x Subscriber-priced tickets
  • You are able to book extra tickets at non-subscriber pricing within the same transaction
  1. Navigate to our ASQ On Demand streaming platform
  2. Browse through the homepage to find a video, or click on one to look through the full range of On Demand videos on offer
  3. Select a video by clicking on it
  4.  If you have purchased an ASQ+ Subscription, click ‘Login’ and enter your details
  5. You will then be able click ‘Play’ in the bottom-left hand corner of the video player window
  6. Click the ‘Full Screen’ icon in the bottom-right hand corner for the best viewing experience

    If you haven’t purchased an ASQ+ Subscription, click ‘Subscribe’ and you will be taken to the Subscription page.

Yes! You can use an HDMI cable from your laptop or device, Apple Airplay or Google Chromecast to watch On Demand content on your television.

Connecting with an HDMI cable
This is the easiest way to connect your laptop, tablet, or iPad to your TV. Use an HDMI cable and select the appropriate input source on your TV settings.

AirPlay from your Apple device
See Apple support here.

Google Chromecast
See Google support here.

Your ASQ+ Subscription expires 12-months after date of purchase. It is not based on the calendar year, like it has been previously.

Your ASQ+ Subscription will roll-over automatically. This means that you do not need to re-subscribe after 12-months. Prior to your ASQ+Subscription automatically rolling over, you will receive an email from us informing you that your Subscription is due to be rolling over. You will have the opportunity to opt-out before that happens.

If you wish to discontinue your subscription after 12-months, you can opt-out by updating your details online, or by contacting us.