Australian String Quartet Bequests

Leaving a bequest to the Australian String Quartet in your will is a meaningful gesture, ensuring a legacy that will positively impact future generations

Bequests to the Australian String Quartet contribute to our future sustainability, enhance our programs, and serve as a lasting tribute to the generosity and foresight of our dedicated supporters.

You can make a start by downloading our bequests information booklet. Gifts left to charities in Wills come in all different shapes and sizes. Each and every one of these thoughtful gifts bring us closer to captivating new audiences and deepening our commitment to regional, local and international audiences. 

If you’re updating your Will, please think about including a gift to the Australian String Quartet. Feel free to contact Michelle Richards, the ASQ’s Development Manager, to explore options for leaving a bequest.

Michelle Richards
[email protected]
1800 040 444