Album Release: Bryce Dessner’s Impermanence/Disintegration

Published On: Fri 19 February

Bryce Dessner, Paris-based contemporary composer, film composer, guitarist and rock musician (The National), has announced the upcoming release of the ASQ’s studio recording of Impermanence/Disintegration, which was jointly commissioned by Australian String Quartet and Sydney Dance Company for Rafael Bonachela’s contemporary dance work, which premiered in Sydney on 17 February 2021.

Photo by Pedro Greig, courtesy of Sydney Dance Company

To celebrate its upcoming release through indie label 37d03d, the album’s 5th track Emergency dropped on 17 February 2021, and is available to listen to via your music streaming platform of choice.

The eponymous dance piece, featuring the live on-stage performance of Dessner’s score, was originally planned to premiere in Sydney as part of a triple-bill in March 2020. As the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic became apparent, the performances were cancelled, and artists sent into lockdown. This provided the opportunity for Dessner and Bonachela to transform Impermanence into a full-length work.

Impermanence - Sydney Dance Company, Australian String Quartet
Photo by Pedro Greig, courtesy of Sydney Dance Company

“It has been an epic journey bringing Bryce Dessner’s monumental score for “Impermanence” to life. This music is a powerful reflection of the times in which we find ourselves and Bryce vividly captures the rawness and vulnerability of life in his writing. The ASQ is honoured to have teamed up with the wonderful Sydney Dance Company in realizing Bryce’s vision.” Dale Barltrop – Violin I, Australian String Quartet

“It has been a real treat to conceive of this work together with Bryce Dessner and the Australian String Quartet – to explore the emotional drivers through both dance and music and to arrive at a place where the parts knit together so closely to make the whole.” Rafael Bonachela – Artistic Director, Sydney Dance Company

The full album Impermanence/Disintegration will drop on Friday April 2, 2021.