Announcing our inaugural Patron – Mrs Maria Myers AC

Published On: Wed 07 February

We are thrilled to announce the appointment of Mrs Maria Myers AC as our inaugural Patron. This appointment reflects her generous ongoing work which sets a high standard for arts philanthropy in Australia.

Mrs Myers has served as a non-executive Director on our board since February 2002. During this time, Maria has been a tireless supporter of the Quartet and has championed its artistic aspirations for excellence on a national and international front.

Maria has a genuine passion for regional and remote Australian communities. During her active involvement on the board of the ASQ, Maria has maintained a strong commitment to ensuring that these communities have access to world-class string quartet performances and the Quartet’s tours have extended right across Australia.

Most notably, Maria helped establish the our flagship regional festival event, the Dunkeld Festival of Music, which is currently in its 14th year. For this event, Maria, together with Mr Allan Myers, generously make available their home and regional properties for private performances by the Australian String Quartet and leading guest artists. The success of this festival has paved the way for us to create a ‘sister’ festival in Western Australia’s Margaret River region as well as the development of further regional festivals across Australia.

“I am delighted to be appointed as the ASQ’s inaugural Patron. Through my many years of close association with the Quartet, both as a board member, and importantly concert attendee, I have seen the organisation grow and continually evolve. I am particularly proud of the quartet’s commitment to the delivery of outstanding music across the country and its many regions and know I share the joy this brings with many fellow Australians.” Mrs Maria Myers AC

Australian String Quartet Patron Maria Myers AC
ASQ Patron Maria Myers AC

As a donor, Maria has contributed significantly to the ASQ. Her very generous support has encouraged other patrons to support the Quartet and has significantly extended the ASQ’s relationships and networks.

“For about half of the ASQ’s three decades, it has been sustained, supported, saved and has succeeded in large part because of the energy and enthusiasm of Maria Myers. As the ASQ now prepares for new and exciting challenges, we have been keen to appoint a patron to stand for all that the ASQ is and hopes to become – Maria was our clear choice.” ASQ Chair, Mr Nicholas Callinan AO

Maria concluded a faithful 16-year term as a Director on the ASQ Board at the end of 2017 and continues her passionate advocacy and support for Quartet as its inaugural Patron.