Encore! Encore!

ASQ Encore Artwork

The Australian String Quartet celebrates Ausmusic Month in a big way this November with new recording releases by David Paterson, Alice Chance, Harry Sdraulig, Holly Harrison, Kate Neal, Sebastian Collen, Joe Chindamo and Matt Laing.

‘ASQ Encore’ was a commissioning project that took place during the early months of the pandemic, with funds from Creative Partnerships Australia through the Australian Cultural Fund, and also made possible with thanks to generous support form the Thyne Reid Foundation.

The brief for eight chosen composers was to write characterful miniature works for string quartet, that can be performed as encore works at concerts at which fans just want that little bit more.

Since their creation, these wonderful works have been performed consistently across the country and now we are thrilled to release them, digitally.

“The ASQ are simply awesome, and they’ve done so much for Australian music over the years. I couldn’t pass up this opportunity to write for them!” Harry Sdraulig, composer

“It’s great to see ASQ commissioning a bunch of short works – I’m delighted to have Swoop included! Encore is an awesome initiative that adds bite-sized works to the Australian string quartet repertoire. I hope that other quartets will discover the pieces and spread Australian sounds around the country and globe.” Holly Harrison, composer

 “It was a pleasure to join with the ASQ in creating my raucous offering of a way to fill that space.” Alice Chance, composer

I’m indebted to the ASQ for their generosity and support. My role as a composer is meaningless without their hard work and advocacy. As with good conversation, one must strive to present something worthy of people’s attention because there is no greater crime than being boring.” David Paterson, composer

These works will be available to stream via our ‘Australian Anthology’ catalogue and accessible through all major streaming platforms.


David Paterson
Scherzo – 4 November 2022

Alice Chance Nose Scrunch Reel – 8 November 2022

Harry Sdraulig Swirl 11 November 2022

Holly Harrison Swoop 15 November

asq australian string quartet australian anthology kate neal distilled momentum
Kate Neal
 Distilled Momentum – 18 November 2022

Matt Laing Space Exploration – 22 November 2022

Joe Chindamo Meows & Muses – 25 November 2022

asq australian string quartet australian anthology sebastian collen riconoscenza
Sebastian Collen
Riconoscenza – 29 November 2022


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