Sunset: A Guided Experience (Adelaide Festival) – Adelaide

Saturday 6 & Sunday 7 March, 6.45pm
UKARIA Cultural Centre, Peramangk Country

Single tickets
Adult $109

The ASQ features in Sunset: A Guided Experience as part of the Adelaide Festival’s Incredible Floridas: Chamber Landscapes program, curated by Kim Williams

Experience Sunset from the summit of the extraordinary Twin Peaks opposite the UKARIA Cultural Centre. Before drinks and canapés are served, you will be led to the peak of the mountain, stopping on occasion to be beguiled by the performers of the Incredible Floridas series, in music and poetry that speaks of place, time and the natural world.

A quintessentially Australian experience: (Elder Conservatorium Director) Graeme Koehne’s String Quartet No.3, inspired by Peter Carey’s True History of the Kelly Gang, performed atop Mt. Barker’s Twin Peaks, accompanied by local birds, cicadas and the odd whinny from the pastures below.

Australian String Quartet
John Gaden, poetry

Louise Glück (b. 1943): ‘Unrwritten Law’ from Vita nova (1999)
Graeme Koehne (b. 1956): String Quartet No. 3 ‘True History of the Kelly Gang’ (2002)


In this program you’ll hear more of Grainger’s ravishing arrangements/re-compositions for saxophone ensemble, revealing his — perhaps surprising — interest in Renaissance music (Josquin, Ferrabosco, William Lawes).

Michael Duke, soprano saxophone
Adelaide Festival Saxophone Ensemble
John Gaden, poetry

Eavan Boland (1944-2020): ‘Heroic’ from The Lost Land (1998)

A program of Grainger’s arrangements for saxophone ensemble with pieces by Ferrabosco, Josquin, CPE Bach, and William Lawes