Ingrid Richards and Adrian Spence

ASQ A More Musical Life - Ingrid Richards and Adrian Spence

Francesca chats with architects Ingrid Richards and Adrian Spence about dwellings for people, and leaving a legacy in the bulit world.

Rafael Bonachela

A More Musical Life - Rafael Bonachela

Dale chats with choreographer and Artistic Director of Sydney Dance Company Rafael Bonachela about dancing oneself through life.

Claire Kilgariff

Australian String Quartet A More Musical Life - Claire Kilgariff

Chris chats with Artistic Director of Arafura Music Collective Claire Kilgariff about community, collaboration, and music in the top end.

Alec Coles OBE

Alec Coles OBE-ASQ On Demand-A More Musical Life

Dale chats with CEO of WA Museum boola bardip, Alec Coles OBE, about enabling story-telling, and one lucky whale.

Cinnamon Evans

Francesca Hiew and Cinnamon Evans - ASQ On Tour, Melboure

Francesca chats with CEO of Ceres, Cinnamon Evans, about sustainable living, social enterprise and falling in love with the earth again.

Leigh Taafe


Michael chats with Curator of the National Bonsai and Penjing Collection of Australia, Leigh Taafe, about the art of the miniature.

Kate Lamont

A More Musical Life - Kate Lamont

Chef, author and business owner Kate Lamont talks about perfect pairings and what it all means to a life (and business) run well

Leon Pericles

A More Musical Life-Leon Pericles

Artist and printmaker Leon Pericles talks about his craft, being a student, gardening and the importance of storytelling

De Groot Coffee Co.

ASQ On Demand-A More Musical Life-De Groot Coffee Co-thumbnail

Michael catches up with Bernadette Stack and Trevor De Groot, founders of coffee institution, De Groot Coffee Co

Alex Burt

ASQ A More Lusical Life: Alex Burt

Business leader, philanthropist and proprietor of Voyager Estate Alex Burt talks about wine, music and the importance of celebrating expression, uniqueness and beauty.